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complement中文,complement的意思,complement翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典


英[ˈkɒmplɪment , ˈkɒmplɪmənt]美[ˈkɑːmplɪment , ˈkɑːmplɪmənt]

vt. 補足,補助

n. 補語;余角;補足物

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • a word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction
  • either of two parts that mutually complete each other
  • one of a series of enzymes in the blood serum that are part of the immune response
  • something added to complete or make perfect;

    "a fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner"

  • number needed to make up whole force;

    "a full complement of workers"

  • a complete number or quantity;

    "a full complement"

  • make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to;

    "I need some pepper to complement the sweet touch in the soup"

片語 Phrase

complement graphIn graph theory, the complement or inverse of a graph G is a graph H on the same vertices such that two vertices of H are adjacent if and only if they are not adjacent in G. That is, to generate the complement of a graph, one fills in all the missing edges required to form a complete graph, and removes all the edges that were previously there.

absolute complement絕對補集

complement activation補體激活;補體的激活

object complement賓語補足語;賓補

complement code補碼;補充碼

complement representation[計] 補碼表示

Two complement補碼

algebraic complement[數] 代數余子式;代數補余

subject complement主語補語

complement system補體系統;求補系統

noughts complement零補數;基補數

complement fixation[免疫] 補體結合

相似詞 Similar Words





英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • the who stockpile is meant to complement other measures of international and national preparedness, including any national stockpiles.


  • the rational and the irrational complement each other. individually, they are far less powerful.


  • each ship had a complement of around a dozen officers and 250 men.


  • you should know enough about the company「s style to know that your management style will complement it.


  • a rider to the act sketched out an ambition to complement the single market with a single currency.


  • if your string is a 10-character phone number or 16-character credit card number, chances are most records have the full complement of characters, so it may be ok to serialize them all.


  • political knowledge is a necessary complement to science in approaching solutions to these problems.


  • a code of ethics is a complement for existing company policies and procedures, not a replacement for them.


  • it sounds like you」re discussing the lectures and the readings and you「re really not.the section discussions are a complement to the lectures.


  • then, to decide which moves are blocked by black」s own pieces, you take a bitboard of all of black「s pieces, take the complement (the not operator) and then and it to your knights」 moves bitboard.


  • the system has been employed for years by producers as a way to complement their main source of income.


  • the strength of the new approach is that its engineering and institutional innovations complement and reinforce each other.


  • for the time being, these still have the full complement of anti-wear additives.


  • the aim of this section is to consolidate and complement the earlier discussions.


  • 「what we would be doing is bringing in a different kind, with a different type of expertise to complement what they are doing,」 she said.


  • nutmeg, parsley and cider all complement the flavour of these beans well.


  • if you have to use complicated terms, complement them with an easy to understand example of what you mean.


  • i「ll also point out ways that antipatterns can complement your design pattern study.


  • he argued that they mostly complement rather than compete with domestic workers, and that they are less likely to commit crimes than the native population.


  • they also say that semantic technologies do not offer a substitute for current practices, rather a complement to them and that web engineers need not abandon experience but should build on it.


  • and although schemas provide some error handling, it is useful to complement them in the application.


  • not every product launch requires the full complement of collateral and investment as described above.


  • the green wall-paper is the perfect complement to the old pine of the dresser.


  • there are heavy regulations in the agricultural and retail sectors against large firms, which complement the weak welfare state by preserving small shops and farms.


  • rice makes an excellent complement to a curry dish.


  • the high performer understands how his contributions compare to those made by his teammates, so he can complement and complete the team.


  • while tag lines can help with discerning the purpose, the design can complement and reinforce that message.


  • all of these agencies and people either complement or facilitate our work, or express the health needs of populations.


  • in other words, a good way to complement your learning of a statistical test or procedure is to implement that procedure as an algorithm.


  • the new topologies both complement and extend the base and deployment manager topologies by creating a new flexible management capability.


  • we」ve taken on our full complement of new trainees.


  • a complement to the obfuscation and total timing measurements is a precision between keystrokes requirement.


  • our intention is not to replace the documentation and tutorials in the help system of the workbench but to complement those instructions with additional helpful tips.


  • they oppose each other also complement each other.


  • the two suggestions complement each other.


  • two discussions from different points of view may complement each other.


  • each model can be implemented independent of the other, but together they complement each other nicely to help secure data at rest and data in transit throughout a network.


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