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be known as中文,be known as的意思,be known as翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典

be known as

英[bi nəʊn æz]美[bi noʊn æz]


英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • it will be known as the supply chain management process logistics management.


  • thrush have also come to be known as song birds as they have many attractive songs.


  • here, speer「s plans for postwar berlin, to be known as 「germania.」 the plans never came to fruition.


  • this numeric number sequence will now be known as the manufactured number.


  • if the same man had been diagnosed at 57 through screening and died at the age of 67, he would be known as a 10-year survivor.


  • this transfer order has come to be known as a 「check, 」 and the open book deposit account at the bank as a 「demand deposit, 」 or 「checking account.」


  • bode was a german astronomer who popularised a mathematical rule, which came to be known as bode」s law, in a book published in 1772.


  • their spontaneous protests—one of the biggest manifestations of 「people’s power」 the arab world had witnessed—came to be known as the 「cedar revolution」.


  • nowadays, what used to be known as 「black」 is often labelled 「african」. this upsets many whites, who insist that they are africans, too.


  • these machines, to be known as the s-97 raider, will be tested by america「s armed forces.


  • this came to be known as operation twist after the early 1960s dance craze sparked by chubby checker, a singer whose views on qe are not known.


  • they came to be known as the rockefeller laws, after new york’s then-governor, nelson rockefeller.


  • emerging markets used to be known as the markets you couldn」t emerge from in an emergency.


  • the fn these days prefers to be known as the republican forces: it sounds more inclusive.


  • they used to be known as plenary 1 and plenary 2, but the organisers have been told not to refer to them by their old numbers, lest brahe, male, be privileged over blixen, female.


  • the invention came to be known as jacquard loom.


  • microsoft used to be known as the great satan when it came to enterprise operating systems.


  • he soon developed the respiratory problems that came to be known as the 「world trade center cough.」


  • for the rest of his life, he could be known as the silver - medal - man.


  • work in this new vein has come to be known as experimental philosophy.


  • he who plots evil will be known as a schemer.


  • last week, the national university of singapore (nus) and yale announced their plan to establish singapore「s first liberal arts college, which will be known as the yale-nus college.


  • but he tells atpworldtour.com that he prefers to be known as richard.


  • in a parallel way, most americans became aware of reagan when he made what came to be known as the speech in 1964, supporting barry goldwater.


  • philadelphia may be known as home of the establishment and ethnics.


  • but owners mike freeland and tessa macintosh, who also own a nearby tourist lodge, happily played along with suggestions that in future it would be known as honeymoon island.


  • since then, hundreds of climbers have duplicated the feat (including a 15-year-old sherpa girl), but hillary will forever be known as the first man to the top of the world.


  • along with fried chicken, corn bread and hush puppies, barbecue came to be known as a 「soul food」 dish.


  • the theory, which would eventually come to be known as moore」s law, was later revised and refined.


  • he said hehoped the earthquake would not come to be known as the 「sendai quake.


  • as a result, they「ll be known as the lime and bitters lemons.

    這樣的話, 他們可能要被稱作酸橙或者苦檸檬了.

  • a market leader in any industry must have the mindshare of the customer and prospect base and be known as an innovator who offers high-quality products and services.


  • he said he constructed what has come to be known as cadillac ranch (i-40 between exits 60 &62) in a salute to route 66, using cars he considered to represent the golden age of car travel.

    stanley marsh說他建設這個被稱為凱迪拉克牧場(i-40,在60和62出口之間)的地方是要向66號公路致敬,他認為這些車代表了汽車旅行的黃金時代。

  • his mother doesn」t want him to be known as the baby who got switched at the clinic.


  • dr unger and dr scherer, who work at the university of texas, in dallas, have been reviewing the science of what has come to be known as metabolic syndrome.


  • he prefers to be known as cesc rather than francesc.

    他更喜歡被稱作塞斯克(cesc) 而不是弗朗西斯克(francesc).

  • - to whom, when sickened with the praises of all other men, i could daily betake myself, and be known as the vilest of all sinners, methinks my soul might keep itself alive thereby.


  • because of the strange costumes and reversed-gender roles, okuni’s performances came to be known as kabuki dance.


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